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Hudhud affects weather pattern in Nepal


KATHMANDU,October 13: Hudhud, the cyclone that is causing havoc in the eastern coast of India has affected the weather pattern of Nepal including the capital.
The 195 km/hour Hudhud cyclone at the Bay of Begal in the eastern coast of India has lashed out at Vishakapatnam and is en route north-west to lash at Andra Pradesh beaches towards Nepal.
This has affected the weather pattern in Nepal especially in the central and the eastern regions of Nepal. The Capital on Monday received a drizzle which began early morning accompanied by a chilly wind that bathed Kathmandu in a gloomy grey.
While the western and the far western regions of Nepal might not be as lucky as the Capital.The Meteorological Forecasting Division projects the west and the far west to receive heavy showers and experience a much bigger impact on their local weather patterns due to the raging cyclone which is expected to last for two to three days.
Agriculture experts advised people in the Tarai region, who will have to bear the severest brunt of the change in weather pattern and, who is in the throes of the harvest season for paddy, not to continue with the harvest.

Source: THT online


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