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Government to provide capital grant of 5 million for Startups


Kathmandu, May 12: The Government of Nepal has invited proposals for the purpose of providing capital grants for startups (innovation) through the National Planning Commission. Through the information published, the commission has asked for proposals through the website.

As provided in the Innovative Initial Capital Grant Procedure 2076 and the Innovative Initial Capital Grant Criteria 2077, a proposal has been invited to provide a grant of Rs. 500,000 to Rs. 5 million to the inventors, entrepreneurs, businessmen, individuals or organizations with the latest knowledge, skills, and abilities.

A notice has been issued to prepare the proposal in the format mentioned in the working procedures and criteria and send it to the office of the National Planning Commission within 30 days. To submit an offer, you need to register in the online system, create a username and password and log in. For this, the commission has called for submitting the form through the website: http://startup.npc.gov.np/

How to submit a proposal?

You have to go to the website provided by the National Planning Commission and first register by putting your name and email. Verification will come in the email kept while registering, you can click on that link and login with the email and password placed at the beginning.

Then the application form will be available. It can be explained by clicking on the button to save your idea, details of what you are trying to do, all the information about the investment. After this, the commission will start the assessment from the submitted details.

Procedure Link: http://startup.npc.gov.np/Home/Karyabidhi

Criteria information: http://startup.npc.gov.np/Home/Mapdandabidhi

Download Form Format here: http://startup.npc.gov.np/Home/NibedanDhacha