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The Workshops of Vishraam


Kathmandu 12 feb 2015: VISHRAAM ,a spiritual project of Human Values for Peace and Prosperity (HVPP) has come up with a workshop for all age groups at different levels. Age 18 and above: “Level 1″: It is a 6 days workshop (per day 2 hours and 30 minutes) and another was of Age 10-17: “Level 1″. 3 days workshop (per day 1 hour), VISHRAAM will offer workshops for all age group people. The workshops will be full of wisdom, scientific understanding of spiritual techniques, yogas, meditation, pranayamas, insightful knowledge sessions, profound and deep techniques and processes, activities and games.

Vishram conducted the workshop for children from Rural areas brought at Kathmandu office of “Teach For Nepal”. The 50 children learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. They gave a positive feedback to the TFN team and they too admired the workshop. (3 days workshop (Age 10-27, Level 1) February 8 – 10, 2015).

 Their main motto of the program is “Only when we are relaxed, we can be creative and live with our full potential”. VISHRAAM is designed considering modern and contemporary lifestyle. Its various workshops were blended with spiritual and practical skills to help individuals attain better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The practical skills help one to excel in life and to introduce spirituality and provide its experiential benefits to people from all backgrounds.

One can register for the workshop by visiting HVPP office at Mitrapark, Chabahil, Kathmandu. (01-6201-888). The workshop in rural areas and government schools were absolutely free. However, in private schools or privately organized workshop they charged small contribution amount.

By: Sangita Tiwari



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