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Writer Swastik Ghimire: Glocal Teen Hero 2015 Finalist


The portfolio of achievements that is with Swastik would barely with any other teenagers of his age . Literary hero, Swastik has not only achieved awards but raised voice through it to advocate for betterment of society.

1796955_595358543863446_799233145_oSwastik Ghimire, Glocal Teen Hero 2015 finalist has recently passed his SLC from Gyanodaya Bal Batika Higher Secondary School. Apparently, he is studying in Kathmandu BernHardt College under the faculty Science(Physics). His  main hobbies include reading books, writing stories,poems, playing keyboard, mostly cricket.

16 year of Swastik, is shy person but very much passionate about writing since his childhood. Reading bulky novels used to be his hobby from his childhood. Coming from a literary family background, he has always been interested in literature. This led him to participate in various national level competitions which include organizations like CIAA, Nepal Police, Nepal Cancer Relief Society, Central Zoo and DNPWC and also the Education Ministy. Moreover, his participation and achievements include in story writing, essay writing, debate and quiz.

Swastik considers his dad and seniors as his inspirational figure. When he was young, he used to see his seniors winning various awards in different competitions and that had inspired him to do the same. His dad helped and encouraged him in the process. Michael Clarke, cricketer is his next inspirational figure.  Amidst his own injuries and tragic circumstances in his personal life, Michael wasn’t distracted and continued what he loved so he learnt that dedication which is one the most important factors of ones success.

He came to know about “Glocal Teen Hero” from his father. When he found the criteria’s fulfilled, he was quite excited to take part in the competition. He proudly said, “When I saw my name in the list of top six finalists, I couldn’t believe it, I went over the moon.” His main challenge was the interview taken by the distinguished juries. Tough questions had made him nervous but despite the difficulties he didn’t lose his hope to be the winner.”The Glocal Teen Hero journey has been quite exciting for me” Swastik said as he learned some important things in this short span, mainly how to interact with new people. He thanked Glocal for organizing such an important competition to explore the talent of teens. He says,
Literature is an art that conveys the message in different ways and bring about positive attitude in people“.


Swastik is  active member of Nepal Scouts and have volunteered in various programs organized by Nepal Olympic Committee, Nepal Junior Red Cross, Central Zoo, DNPWC. He is planning to continue his involvement in literary field. He is also interested in Physics, Computer Science and to continue study through one of those fields in Nepal and help county develop in every possible way for the betterment of the society.

His message:
Continue to dream big and work hard. Nothing can separate our dream from us if we remain fully dedicated to it. There will be problems and critics but we must find a way to overcome them. For those who have not participated in this program or thought they aren’t good, I suggest them to try before judging themselves. Everybody has some talent inside them but many fail to recognize. Those who take action can only know their inner strength. So, stay focused, work hard and help Nepal and Nepalese to be better each day.

Interviewed and written by Sangita Tiwari


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