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Yatra Retold bringing together the travel enthusiasts to unfold the joy of travelling


Kathmandu, December 11, 2017: Youth Thinkers’ Society is hosting an interactive session called ‘Yatra Retold’ this December 16 with the aim to bring up travel fanatics to share the zeal of an experience, ground reality and the inspiration behind traveling.

The event will be the first edition of ‘The Monologue Cascade: Yatra Retold’, a series that has been devised by Youth Thinkers’ Society with the motive of creating the platform for the youths to witness and showcase the artistic values present in the aspects of life.

Kavier Emilio Cisternas Najle, Ishan (Iijhee) and Usha Titikshu will be among the speakers for the first edition of the series.

Kavier is a world traveler and a passionate musician. Hailing from Chile, he is an avid traveler and a music lover who enjoys the thrill of going unplanned. In his aim to travel the globe in a circle, he has traveled most of Europe, the Middle East and Asia and is a hardcore Firantey.

Ishan, walking for the past few years now, he likes to travel the path less traveled. A book-lover, the villages he travels; the faces he greets are like the pages of a book he enjoys going through. Clad in a single layer of clothes and Haathi Chaap Chappal, he walks faster when he feels cold in his wish to understand the country.

Usha Titikshu, a solo woman cyclist, has cycled solo across the East-West Nepal Highway and participated in the Mahakali Mechi Highway Cycling M2M2016. An independent photojournalist, she has been photographing her journey and an activist, she actively speaks her mind out on burning issues. A researcher, curator and much more and yet she tags herself ‘The Troublemaker’.

It also includes the interactive session with the speakers creating a zealous atmosphere. Among other guests, there are few surprises.

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The program includes no entry charge however one must bring books for donation and one travel photography. The collected books will be donated to the Children’s Home orphanage located at Bansbari. As limited seats are available, do register quickly.

For Registration: https://goo.gl/yg2A4N

By: Prashant Bhandari