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Yeti Airlines unveils SDG-branded aircraft


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have gained new heights in Nepal with Yeti Airlines, a private sector domestic airliner, branding their aircrafts with SDGs.

Kathmandu, September 25, 2017: In partnership with the United Nations in Nepal and Yeti Airlines, the SDG-branded aircraft has been unveiled in Kathmandu on 25 September at the Tribhuwan International Airport. CEO of Yeti Airlines, Umesh Chandra Rai and UNDP Country Director to Nepal, Renaud Meyer jointly unveiled aircraft.

“This is a powerful example to show the world that in partnership with the private sector, the Sustainable Development agenda can really take off. We are highly pleased to finally see these aeroplanes flying in Nepali skies spreading the messages on how we can tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges,” said Meyer. “In Nepal, we have been exploring ways in which the United Nations could help the local businesses grow more responsible and SDG friendly. With Yeti, we hope to soon unveil equally inspiring joint initiatives that help Nepal meet the global goals by 2030.”

With its SDG-branded aircraft, shuttle buses, handy SDG leaflets, donate now link inclusion in Yeti Airlines official website, branding of the boarding pass and social media campaigns, the airline is expected to reach thousands of people with concrete and action-oriented messages on the global goals.

“The branding of our ATR 72-500 aircraft with the UN SDGs logo demonstrates Yeti Airlines continuing commitment to promote them wherever possible and to do what it can to assist Nepal achieve them. We thank the United Nations for the opportunity to support these worthy goals,” said Yeti Airlines CEO, Umesh Chandra Rai.

Yeti Airlines was one of the first in Nepal’s private sector to partner with the United Nations to promote the SDGs and address many key issues facing Nepal over the next 15 years, and by branding its aircraft with the logos, Yeti is helping bring the SDGs to the entire country.

Adopted by the UN Member States, including Nepal, in September 2015, the SDGs, also known as the Global Goals, are a bold, universal agreement to end poverty in all its dimensions and craft an equal, just and secure world – for the people, the planet and prosperity – by 2030. The SDGs recognize the private sector as one of the key partners in advancing the Global Goals. The private sector has significant potential to bring in resources, technology and innovation to aid and accelerate the SDG implementation process.