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‘Yojana Park’ at Mandala Theater

Yojana Park

KATHMANDU, April 4: As the rulers gain more power, the common man loses his freedom bit by bit. Citizens, with the aim of making their lives easier, make a strong government, but the very government puts their freedom at stake.

Based on this storyline, Mandala Theater in Anam Nagar has been staging a play titled ‘Yojana Park’ since March 19. The story is based on Austrian economist and Nobel Prize winner Friedrich von Hayek’s book ‘The Road to Serfdom.’

Written by Suresh Sapkota, theater artiste/actor Buddhi Tamang has directed the play. While Tamang has directed street plays earlier, this is the first time he has formally directed a stage drama. “I learnt how to become an actor while living characters penned by writers and situations given by directors. I’ve now tried to become a director. Whatever the play says is what I have personally tried to say,” said the new director, adding, “But you need not necessarily agree with what I’m saying.” Mandala’s creative director Rajan Khatiwada stated that he is happy to see actor Tamang stepping into the role of a director.

The cast of ‘Yojana Park’ includes Rohit Poudel, Anup Neupane, Ingi Hopo Koinch Sunuwar, Milan Karki, Binita Gurung, and Jiwan Bhattarai.

The play will be staged every day except on Mondays at 5:15 PM, till April 10.