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A young boy who demonstrated his drone at CAN InfoTech 2017


CAN InfoTech this year is ongoing since 26th January this year at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. This ultimate tech-mela is bound to excite you with many offers, discounts, or bonuses. Roaming around various stalls and grabbing the best deals could be your ultimate intention in the Fair. From mobile companies to laptops, softwares, training courses and other electronics, you can match your interests in electronics with the suitability of devices.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the Can InfoTech, Stall number 124 caught my eye. Technology never really interested me. But, this time what caught my eye was the small prototype of a drone that was operating with the help of a remote control. The prototype was made from the bamboo sticks and operating the device was a young boy dressed in a brown jacket and jeans – Rajan Gurung.

Originally from Parbat, Rajan is currently studying Overseer at Pokhara Engineering College, Pokhara. With a keen interest in making of robots, he started making the prototypes from a very young age. He said that it has been only 7 months since he started to make drones. But, he has already made several other models using locally available materials.

Sharing his inception on the making of drones, he says, “I was going through YouTube videos and thus I saw drone for the first time through this medium only. One thought that struck my mind was if the foreigners could make such interesting stuffs, I too can make it. Also, I had made many robots before. So, I started working on it to make one.”

Thus, he started making a drone with the help of YouTube videos.

In the making, he also went through many challenges, including financial problem. As he set off to make a drone, he collected funds from his family and teachers. He said, “I immediately started to collect materials; I bought some from markets while I collected some- for e.g. bamboo from my surroundings.”

Gurung also said that he would be focusing on making robots now along with continuing his studies.

He wants to use drones in making the lives of people better by using it to transport the goods in the remote areas of Nepal.

He is definitely an example to all those who want to innovate something interesting and contribute to the development of science and technology in Nepal.

Watch his works:

By Anusha Kadel