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This youth started business with just 1500 rupees while he was in class 11, and you won’t believe where he has reached now: Story of Rabi Karki


Just running in the 24thspring of his life, Karki has already traversed a long entrepreneurial journey

While most of us were probably busy partying and enjoying in our college years, Rabi Karki started an event management company and developed it into a brand.

A regular party-goer, he once came up with an idea of organizing a party on his own after going to events a fair number of times. He sold his Nokia C1 phone at Rs. 1500 and convinced the manager of a club for renting out the space to organize a party. He printed tickets from his brother-in-law and sold it in his friends’ circle. In his first party itself, he was able to make a profit of more than Rs.70,000.

He was surprised by the result.

After knowing the world of business, he registered ‘GOD Entertainment’. His own friend helped him to make a logo, using Microsoft Paint. Almost every month throughout his +2 years, he organized dance parties.

After his +2 was over, he also started working in a company as a marketing executive. That time, he received a request to host first IT Futsal tournament. Having successfully conducted the event, and earned some money, he then left his job and started giving full-time to GOD Entertainment. He was also able to set up an office by then.

The challenging beginning

Entertainment business in Nepal is not considered that well in Nepal. And, getting family and friend support was not that easy for him.

As a novice in the field, he neither had a visiting card, nor good PR, or a proper website that could convince clients. Slowly, he took on managing commercial events.

“But, there were not many event management companies while began, and it was not that cherished job. So, it was both easy and challenging at the same time,” Karki reminisces his early days.

His first event was a diverted event from another event management company. After the success of the event, they started providing various event management services. They helped organize programs of tech-companies like Juniper, CISCO, IBM, etc. for their brand promotion, conferences, and meetups.

GOD Entertainment has now become a household name among the IT companies of Nepal for event management.

Working in the event management industry

“Event management is one of the largest service industry in the world, and provides huge returns,” Karki says.

GOD Entertainment is providing a diverse range of event management services. They have organized a Cycling Marathon, Live Music, Futsal, Wedding, Brand Launch, etc. and most of his clients are repeat customers.

“Entertainment industry is such an industry where work is fun. We get to enjoy and have fun. We get to be in parties,” Karki shares. Added to this, every other day is a new learning day for him.

Rabi Karki


Diversifying the services and growing the business

Started with organizing parties, they spread their service areas and started providing Below The Line (BTL) marketing services, audio and video production, organizing education exhibitions, futsal and other competitions, and providing promotional/media relationship/sponsorship services. They have also made feature-films. Added to this, they also look after the marketing department of other companies.

In this duration, he also got to work together with some reputed names in education consultancies, marketing their business and services. So, he also planned of entering this relatively new business.

To give brand-value to their diverse works and services, the group has recently started PRK Corporation as the parent company, whereas GOD Entertainment, PRK Marketing, PRK Education consultancy are its subsidiary companies.

Having started all on his own, there are currently a total of 5 full-time and 10 part-time team members working under PRK Corporation.

PRK Corporation Team
The most memorable moment in the entrepreneurial journey

In the recently held award ceremony and gala-dinner of IT Futsal Cup, had the presence of many reputed personalities, including representatives from ministry, IT industry, among others. His parents were also present on the occasion. And, he was praised for his work of hosting the event in a systematic and well-managed way, saying ‘This is how an event should be.’ “That time, I felt that I too have done something worthy. I felt like I have achieved something starting this business,” he shared to Glocal Khabar.

What an aspiring entrepreneur should have:

Karki opines that one needs to have proper knowledge about business and market on what you are planning to do. “Learn from other businesses before starting, know about the hurdles, and ways to mitigate it,” he shares to the budding entrepreneurs. “Focus on building a team that works, trust your team-members and have the courage to give responsibility to them, as you can’t do everything on your own,” he says, adding, “Networking is a must-have trait in an entrepreneur. So, have good networking skills and build a trust among people in your network.” You also need to have persistence as you can’t aim to be rich overnight, he shares.

Rabi Karki

He had never dreamed of becoming a businessman in his childhood. A random idea of organizing a party while in his 11th grade brought him to this position.

He never went to a business college. Yet, he was successful in starting and growing his business. His journey is like a roller-coaster ride. A youth having just crossed the 24th spring of his life, Rabi Karki is really an inspiring entrepreneur.

Presentation: Basanta Kumar Dhakal