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Youths and Opportunities: Linkage to Nation Building

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The tapestry of youth energy often carves the momentum of change. Youths are considered a catalyst to tap positive change, development, and prosperity in any country. And, because their robust energy and commitment are always commendable, they are the ultimate sculptors of the future.

The evidence of youth power is well reflected in the pages of history. Youth-led social changes and economic reformation are the sheer manifestations of how youths can be mobilized to be the change agent. Although we take global examples of youth power, I would like to highlight the opportunities that Nepal holds in terms of youth and development.

Youths in Nepal are ambitious and thoughtful but naïve when it comes to exploring the possibilities that the Nation holds in terms of their growth and development. Let me jot down some quick facts here:

  1. The first-ever National Youth Policy was established in the year 2010 by Ministry of Youth and Sports to address the rights and needs of youth exclusively.
  2. The Youth Vision- 2025 and ten-year Strategic plan published by the Ministry of Youth and Sports has identified the establishment of conscious Youth and National Youth Council and infrastructure. Also, increasing access to economic means and resources through the expanding network of Banks, Cooperatives and microfinance serve as a great opportunity to Nepalese youths.
  3. An empowerment plan has been finalized for enhancing the entrepreneurship and competence of youth in the baseline paper of the Thirteenth Plan of Nepal Government. It aims to make them active in self-employment and income generation activities and make them competent by enabling them to take leadership in National development.

Now, let us all ponder on these questions:

  • Nepal has successfully completed the three-tier of election as it adopted a new federal structure. Do you know the percentage of youth participation in the election?
  • We talk about remittance being one of the major contributors in Nepal’s GDP. But, who is the major contributor of remittance?
  • To all those youths who say, “Nepal ma basera kehi hudaina, Well, have you worked out on the possibilities yet?

I am leaving these questions for the readers to access the answers. However, it can be said that there is utmost potential to get an advantage from youth demographics. And it is possible only if youths themselves become aware of the opportunities. In one hand, these opportunities serve as a catalyst to tap the true potential of youths and in another, serves as a bridge to connect youths to the process of Nation building.

Hence, its high time youths think about eliminating the barriers that have been crippling the development of the country through identification of opportunities.

By: Anusha Kadel