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Only 10 percent INGO active


Kathmandu, 19 October 2014: Of the 40,000 plus national and international non-governmental organizations registered in Nepal, only 10 per cent were actively working.

As high as Rs 11 billion has been allocated in the fiscal year 2071/072 for the I/NGOs for education, peace, awareness raising, human rights and training and other issues.

Acting member secretary of Social Welfare Council Madan Prasad Rimal said only 400 non-governmental organizations are working seriously while others have prepared reports by doing unnoticed works in collaboration with the international non-governmental organizations. Many others are also establishing NGOs only for interests.

“The government has given Rs 20 million for two decades and evaluation of the organizations is being done by raising money from the organizations themselves,” he added.

Council’s officials shared such information at a meeting of the Women, Children and Social Welfare sub-committee of the legislature-parliament held on Sunday in Sindhadurbar.

“I/NGOs are making dollars in the name of poverty alleviation. Country can become self-reliant only through the use of its natural resources and means,” lawmaker Anuradha Thapa Magar said at the meeting.

Likewise, lawmaker Dilli Bahadur Chaudhary said a big question was raised over fund utilization and transparency in INGOs.

Similarly, lawmaker Ratna Gurung said country’s unique culture was challenged in the name of INGOs.

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