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18 Images That Show The Path To Education Is Sometimes Fraught With Danger


As kids while we looked for reasons to skip school, there are many children who are doing everything they can to get an education. They have to take some of the most difficult routes to their schools. And these pictures are proof that the journey to success is often difficult.

1. Primary school boys carry their benches after their school was flooded due to heavy rains at Bassi Kalan village in the outskirts of Jammu.

2. Students travel in a vehicle after attending school at Ibsheway el-Malaq village in Gharbia governorate, northeast of Cairo.

3. A man pushes a tub carrying children as he gets them back home after school at a flooded area in Duchang, China.

4. Schoolchildren ride on a makeshift raft to attend the opening of classes at Manila.

5. Students use a wooden boat to cross the Bengawan Solo river to attend school in Bojonegoro in Java, Indonesia.

6. Students wearing rubber boots use chairs as a make-shift bridge to get to a classroom at Sitio Tapayan, Philippines.

7. School girls walk across a plank on the walls of the 16th century Galle fort, Sri Lanka.

8. Students cycle through the haze-blanketed town of Sampit, in Indonesia.

9. A woman accompanies some students as they wade in the shallow part of a rocky beach to their school to attend the first day.

10. Students stand on the roof of a wooden boat as haze blankets the Musi River while they travel to school in Palembang, in Indonesia.

11. A student climbs newly-constructed steel ladders after school to go home for holidays in China.

12. Kashmiri children cross a damaged footbridge built over a stream, on their way back home from school in Srinagar.

13. An Afghan schoolboy cycles past a soldier from the U.S. Army’s during a joint patrol with Afghan soldiers.

14. Elementary schoolchildren wear protective headgear as they walk to school in Tokyo.

15. Primary school students walk through the ruins of a demolished area in China.

16. Students hold on to the side steel bars of a collapsed bridge as they cross a river to get to school in Indonesia.

17. Students walk on a cliff path as they make their way to school in China.

18. Children of al-Fefi family walk up the stairs as they make their way to their schools south of Saudi Arabia

Photos Source: Reuters