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2000 Rising For The Citizenship

2000 Rising For The Citizenship

KATHMANDU, November 15 2014: “2000 Rising for the Citizenship” is a campaign where two thousand signatures will be collected to pressurize the Constituent Assembly to pass and implement the citizenship law, which will allow any child to get a citizenship of Nepal from the name of their father “or” mother, instead of father “and” mother.



Tundikhel Ground in front of Kathmandu Mall was crowded with people supporting this cause. The campaign started from 8 AM and will continue till two thousand signatures are collected or 2 PM whichever comes first. The rally was supposed to start at 8.30 AM but due to Welcome Modi Walkathon the traffic jam created a nuisance shifting the rally by half an hour to 9 AM.

The rally started from Tundikhel East Gate, when around the Tundikhel ground from in Ratna Park and ended at the same eastern gate. The rally started at 9 AM sharp and concluded in half an hour.

The campaign was supported and visited by single mother who would like their children to have a citizenship from Maiti Nepal and Nawa Asha Griha – Nepal. The involvement of female was in large number which showed how women were supporting this cause for the empowerment and equality of man and woman.

Upon being asked about what his feeling was about the campaign, Yuvraj Pokhrel, a support of the campaign told us, “Everyone needs recognition which will be provided by citizenship, whether they come from a single father, a single mother or if they are an orphan shouldn’t harm their birth rights.”

Tsering Choden, another supporter for the campaign told us, “It is just the beginning. Every drop makes an ocean and this campaign can be a part which will force the Government to implement the law which allows taking citizenship in the name of mother. Everyone has a right to citizenship. This campaign is not only about citizenship but also empowerment of women in a male driven society.”2000 Rising For The Citizenship

There were people carrying different slogans like “We are citizenshipless, We are Stateless”; “Citizenship is not about man or woman right, it’s about human right.”; “Its “OR” Not “AND”, It is What We Stand.” went some of the slogans.

 Reported By: Sukrit Pant

Photo By: Sazjan Neupane


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