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2000 Signature raised in “2000 Rising For The Citizenship”

2000 Signature raised in

KATHMANDU, November 15 2014: 2180 signatures were collected in a campaign organized by the Youth Network of Civil Society Organization in Tundikhel. The event, 2000 Rising For the Citizenship was conducted to pressurize the Constituent Assembly members to amend the proposed provision on citizenship that requires both father ‘and’ mother to be citizens for their children to acquire citizenship rather than father ‘or’ mother.

The rally consisted of 300 people who walked around Tundikhel area from the Tundikhel main gate. The rally started at 9 AM sharp. The signature campaign started at 8 AM to 2 PM when all the signatures were collected. The collected signatures along with memorandum demanding  the amendment of the proposed provision on citizenship will be submitted to the CA members elected from Kathmandu district.

With this event, the Youth Network announced that a nationwide campaign will be conducted in all the 75 districts of Nepal. The Youth Network had organized a similar program on September 20, 2014 called “1000 Rising for Citizenship” in the same venue. In that event, signatures of 1000 people were collected which was then submitted to the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee along with the memorandum demanding the amendment of the citizenship provision.

Similar kind of protest and campaign will be held in 15 other districts of Nepal on November 21, 2014.

Source: Youth Network of Civil Society Organizations

Photo By: Sazjan Neupane


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