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Zonta Club of Kathmandu and womenwill felicitate inspiring women of the country

Zonta Club of Kathmandu- Glocal Khabar

Kathmandu, March 12, 2018: Zonta Club of Kathmandu in collaboration with womenwill GBG Kathmandu organized Zonta’s Yellow Rose Day and Womenwill Fest 2018 on March 11, 2018, in Kathmandu. The main aim of the event was to share the stories and honor women who broke the glass ceiling and have been inspiring many through their best capacity. The objective of the event was- To Connect, To Inform, To Inspire.

Six women were honored for their achievement in their respective fields. They included Nicky Lama of Eco Soap Bank Nepal, Smriti Tuladhar of Little Nepal Inn, Subekchya Hada of Sinka Restaurant, Neha Banu Shah of The Women.Co, Nita Rai from Food Mario and Abha Dhital from Little Things.

Indira Sapkota was also honored during the program with the Princess Helen Shah Inspirational Woman of the Year Award 2018, wherein she also received a check of Rs. 100,000 as a token of support for her exemplary work. At the age of 80, Sapkota has many titles to her name, currently, she is the managing director of the AAD Tayari Poshak, the founder of the Nepal Grihini Udyog, the president of the Bhotu-Indira Social Welfare Organisation and the managing director of the Sahara Khadya Udyog.

The event witnessed the presence of a mix of 100 young and experienced women who have been doing exceptionally well in their fields. They attended the training sessions on Leadership, Digital Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Workplace. The sessions were moderated by Amit Agrawal GBG Manager and CEO of Janaki Technology, Aayushi KC, Founder of Khalisisi and Shreejana Rana for Agrawal, KC and Rana conversed about digital literacy, entrepreneurship, and leadership respectively. During the event, 7 stories; each in the form of a 3-minute movie were also shown.

Zonta International is working to achieve Sustainable Development Goals No. 5 and 4 with its global service projects, education programs that award outstanding women in their fields, the Zonta Says NO to Violence Against Women campaign and the daily service and advocacy projects in which clubs and districts participate. Zonta Club Kathmandu, like Zonta International, recognizes International Women’s Day as Zonta Rose Day, a day on which they encourage their members and supporters to make a donation to the Zonta International Foundation; in honor or in memory of an influential and inspirational individual. Through Zonta and its partners, effective service is being provided to make lasting changes for future generations of women and girls.

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Womenwill is a Google initiative to create economic opportunity for women everywhere so that they can grow and succeed. They aim to drive conversations promoting gender equality to benefit everyone by helping women to build skills, get inspired and connect with each other through training, events, and advocacy as well as technology.