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Accessories that glam your look in a jiffy !!


July 24, 2015: Running late for an important day? But thoroughly confused as to how to look best!! Then showing up on some accessories will instantly give a light on your look. So here’s a list of jewelries that will instantly pep up a dull look.

1. Finger rings: Wearing just a piece of pretty ring especially a bling and statement finger ring, can change your entire look and make you look like a stunner. Add a statement piece of ring to your outfit and you will be ready to take on the world.

2. Hair accessories: So you are going through a bad hair day and have absolutely no clue how to cure it. Just add a few cute hair accessories and it is sure to look great! a pretty shaped hairpins, or hair bands or even gorgeous headbands can instantly make you look a stunner.

3. Neckpieces: A simple dress, or a suit or even a casual pair of tees and jeans can change its look in a moment if you add a statement piece of neckpiece to it. From think delicate pieces to double stranded ones take away the look to show up as a stunner!

4. Watches: Watches add an instant charm to your look. Bring out some vintage and classic pieces of watches from your parent’s closet and wear it on a particularly low day. Watches surely grace the look in just a simpler way.

5. Bangles, bracelets, cuff: Have you ever added your favorite bracelets, bangles and cuff with your watch? Not only it looks great but adding all the bling on one hand also is quite comfortable and easily manageable.


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