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Altruism – Always a Genuine Approach


“Whatever is the problem, be part of the solution. Don’t just sit around raising questions and pointing out obstacles” – Tina Fey. A statement that is quite relevant to today’s youth who in general have blindfolded themselves with dark band of problems that are around them but never made an effort to step out of their comfort zone to find its best solution.

Exception to those flocks of blind folded teenager whose life has  been confined to Facebook and Instagram profile, a young and energetic 16 years old guy named Sashi Shiwakoti (Sakar) is the one who has been dedicatedly aspiring to become a change maker.

Sashi belongs from city of Hetauda. He has recently appeared in Secondary Education Examination. Academically, he wants to study Journalism as his high school program. And now during his spare time, he has been involved actively in some of the social works to create a positive impact with little effort at a time.

Two months ago, a massive storm struck at Bara district of Nepal that killed 28 people; 612 were left injured. Entire nation and the district itself was in desolation. So, in this chaotic situation entire nation stood up collectively strong. Similar kind of empathy was felt by Sashi that drove him to make a single effort to collect funds, relief resources, warm clothes, food items and everything possible that could help them cope out with this heart rending situation.

All the effort he poured to do good deeds made him realize how a small feeling of empathy towards another human can bring massive change in society. Thus, he decided to dedicate himself to create some positive impact in society and to bring those curves of smirk among the hopeless faces of people who are in need as a good deed.

Sashi concedes the saying by Helen Keller “ Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”. This belief urged him to ask his friends, families and many youngsters around him to be a part of this splendid journey so as to dedicate themselves to serve others and make an impact in society. His passion, dedication and strong determination won the trust of the people around him. As a result, Sashi was able to form a non-profitable, socially motivated organization- HETAUDA YUWA SANGATHAN. And today he has been running the organization as Chairperson with the membership of 30 young, vibrant and delightful teenagers. 

Sashi believed that, the impact he wants to create is only possible if he and his team dedicates in the area of health, sanitation and road safety awareness. So far, he and his team has successfully conducted different campaigns focusing on the aforementioned sectors.

Sashi’s first campaign with his team was cleanliness program around the Hetauda city with a supportive voice as “ सोच बद्लौ, देश बदलिनेछ” . His campaign was duly respected and supported by locals, youth and some governmental bodies too. Sashi’s effort was to make his green city Hetauda more clean and hygienic city hub. But his aim was not to create an impact for a day but he wanted to give it a full swing in coming future also. Thus, he drew the attention of the concerned authorities from HETAUDA SUB-METROPOLITAN CITY OFFICE regarding this. As a result a total sum of 1 lakh 20 thousand was allocated by the Sub-Metropolitan city office to set up waste-bin around the city areas as per the requirement. This built a strong trust on Sashi and his wisdom to do more. 

Lately, he has successfully conducted health sanitation program in a remote village of Makawanpur district where people, previously, ignored general health and hygiene. He shared the importance of healthy habits, hygiene, menstrual health and sanitation to the small children, youths and some locals. He even distributed some medicines, health kits, sanitary pads, dustbin and some more useful stuff.

Sashi, in cooperation with HETAUDA TRAFFIC POLICE, has successfully conducted week long Road Safety Awareness Campaign, where he and his team made pedestrian aware about the importance of Road safety rules and regulations.  

Sashi has been planning to get involved in those areas where health facilities are still major problem and government services has not reached yet in Makawanpur district. He has planned to expand his social welfare campaign at such remote areas and has aspired to establish PRIMARY HEALTH CARE CENTRES so that basic rights of locals are ensured and they can thus, have healthy living life. 

Sashi’s constant effort has actually made some impact in his society. His works are being duly recognized by local governmental bodies and local people. He further aims to change the mentality of people primarily, so that, it will directly create an impact with one’s action. As this has been very truly said “ it’s your thought that gets into things”.

If you think good, you can do good.

Sashi Shiwakoti is just one of the examples of our society who has been setting examples among other teenagers so that they get inspired to aspire themselves to work for good and do good. There are lots of teenagers like that who have actually done splendid job whether it be being social activist, entrepreneur, writer, leader, speaker, robotics, programmer and many more. Your way of inspiring others is not limited. 

But sadly, we see those young mindsets’ works being rarely valued and recognized. It’s good to see the support from their friends and families, but imagine what if these works get national level recognition, which not only motivates the one who does the work to do more but also motivates many other young mindsets to start up with small effort to bring change.

Comprehending the inadequacy of such platforms in Nepal, Glocal Pvt. Limited, established in 2015, started to recognize, acknowledge and appreciate the work of such spectacular teenagers. Since its inception, Glocal has been awarding many youngsters who have actually created some positive and worthwhile impact in the society. Glocal empowers the teenagers to give their creativity a beautiful shape and mold it into their work that will for sure create some positivity in and around the society. Coming to its fourth year, Glocal has been recognizing teenagers’ effort through the award called Glocal Teen Hero. This award is now one of the most celebrated awards among the teenagers. Not just that Glocal has equally encouraged and motivated those who want to make the change.

So, the initiation is yet to be taken this year also. Glocal has called the application for all those outstanding youths and teenagers who think they can change the society with some optimistic vision and has been doing it so far. Thus, if you are a teenager between the age group of 13-19 years and have done some spectacular work to bring some positivity, this platform is all yours. Don’t you forget to fill the application and be part of this celebrated platform.

-Madhu Sudan Dhakal