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Becoming ‘The’ Paras Khadka


DSC_0020Captain cool walks in interview

Ask this revered cricketer a few tips on how to become Paras Khadka, and the humbled personality replies with a smile, “Being me would be of no use… Be yourself. See your dreams. And work hard. Who knows, tomorrow your name might be larger than that of Paras Khadka.”

On being called the superhero of Nepali cricket, the captain of the Nepal’s national cricket team feels that he still has got lots of things to do and lots of big events to attain. With an optimistic expression, the captain says, win isn’t mandatory, but still we expect continuous support from all the fans, whatever the result may be. Hand in hand, we still have a long way to go. While expressing his pleasure of having played the world cup, he claims it to probably be the most memorable event till the date, and assures that same would be for all other team members who played in the world cup. The man is glad to see the rising craze of cricket among the Nepali public and happily says that he has foreseen a prosperous future of cricket in the country.

On a nostalgic note, Paras recalls how he has been equally good at both sports as well as studies from his childhood days. “I consider myself a lucky chap to have never faced any troubles in choosing one between studies and sports,” he said.

A man of virtue, Paras has gone through a long journey, attaining the height of a skipper in the country’s national cricket team. “I never stopped endeavoring hard in what I wanted to do,” he introspects. I started from scratch with the U-15 team, then U-19, and above.


He feels himself to be lucky enough to have got parental support in his career and claims that they have been very helpful throughout.

Paras giggles when asked what he would have been if not a cricketer. And then he reveals his passion in art in the school days, and guesses, “May be an architect”.

Upon being asked how busy his life has been and how he manages his social life along with his career, he replies, “Cricket has always been my first priority. Festivals and social gatherings will surely recur in life, but a tournament gone will never come back.”

The cricketing ace, however, has grudges on the system and the status of infrastructure for the development of cricket as a sports in the country. However, he does not want his cricketing dreams to end up like a fairy tale. “I don’t want future generations to take pride on Nepali cricket team just because of a single appearance in world cup,” he laments. “The stone has to keep rolling year by year, tournament by tournament. It is all up to the next generation of youth. The responsibility shall pass on.”


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