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Bijuli Machine trailer electrifies

Kathmandu, September 18, 2016: Trailer of Nepal’s first sci-fi feature, Bijuli Machine, released earlier this week on YouTube, has grabbed the imagination of movie enthusiasts in the country. Directed by Navin Awal, the film revolves around two teenage friends who set out to solve Nepal’s chronic “load-shedding” problem with the innovation of a unique ‘Bijuli Machine’.

Within days of its trailer release, the film has racked up over 30,000 views on the video sharing site. As one commenter Nischal Koirala wrote, “This is what I was expecting and waiting from a long time to happen in the Nepali Movie industry. Nice concept and pretty impressive trailer. Best of luck.”

Dubbed Nepal’s first sci-fi feature, the film has been lauded for deviating from the trail-and-tested plotlines to take a heartfelt take on an all-too-relatable problem that has beset the country for decades.

“The film presents the story of two friends who are studying science-one, aiming to come up with a new discovery that would solve the fuel shortage, and another, with an unnatural knack for science,” director Awal has said, “Both the friends are frustrated with load-sheddings and want to come up with ideas that would solve this conundrum.” The movie, filmed under the banner of Silhouette Entertainment, features actors Abhisek Subedi, Jeevan Adhikari, Relija Shrestha, Buddhi Tamang, Laxmi Bhusal and Kamal Mani Nepal, among others. Superstar Rajesh Hamal also appears in a cameo role, as an inspiring teacher, in the film.

The film is slated to hit the screens on November 11.