Home Youth Opportunities Blincubator presents opportunity for Entrepreneurs of Nepal

Blincubator presents opportunity for Entrepreneurs of Nepal

Blincubator presents opportunity for Entrepreneurs of Nepal
Blincubator presents opportunity for Entrepreneurs of Nepal

Kathmandu, March 1, 2019: Blincventures.com has announced the launch of BLINCUBATOR. It is a unique need based, evidence driven learning program for emerging social entrepreneurs in Nepal.

After speaking to more than 100 Social Entrepreneurs in Nepal and understanding their requirements Blincventures.com has designed a program to help social entrepreneurs grow their business. “The goal of Blincubator is to support social entrepreneurs who are committed to solving the pressing challenges that we as a society all face today.” said Varun Saraf, Founder of Blincventures.com.

The founder further added, “Climate is changing rapidly, resources are being depleted and we are still struggling to come to terms with how to manage the change that we as humans have initiated. This program is for those warriors who believe they can make a difference.”

Selected social entrepreneurs will benefit from a curriculum designed to their specific needs; Business Training to establish company’s administrative processes; Coaching/mentor-ship from local and international subject matter experts; and, Networks of like-minded and purpose-driven stakeholders.

Blincventures.com has studied the social entrepreneurship ecosystem of Nepal and understood challenges faced by various start-ups of the country. To ensure maximum support Blincventures.com has partnered with various organizations to fill the identified gaps and provide the founders with tools and help they need.

Blincventures.com is also offering seed funding to selected enterprise’s to meet the financial requirement for growth of their enterprise. Blincventures.com is inviting applications from start-ups working in the fields of environment, climate change, urban infrastructure and/or any technology driven green initiatives.

To Qualify applicants need to have an established organization with a clearly defined product or service with at least a few paying customers.

“As a company we also expect a few crucial things from the social entrepreneurs which are constant efforts and commitment, 90% attendance in the training programs, never give up attitude and clarity of the overall objectives.”, says Thryza Dow, CEO, Blincventures.com

Applications are open till 3rd March and successful applicants will be announced by 15th March. Blincubator program commences from last week March and will conclude with a closing ceremony on 11th May 2019.

For more information Visit: https: https://www.blincventures.com/