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Bold and Beautiful Performances by Miss Nepal Aspirants


The talent show segment of Miss Nepal 2019 took place on Thursday at the Russian Center for Science and Culture, Kamal Pokhari. The event provided a glimpse of the inner talent and skills of the hopeful Miss Nepal aspirants.

The segment was an opportunity where the Miss Nepal aspirants could choose any subject matter which resonated with them the best and portray it through some skill they were good at. The event performances ranged from dancing and singing to comedy skit, spoken word poetry and painting.

This year the ‘Miss Talent’ segment was all the more special as it also embarked the 25th silver jubilee anniversary of ‘Miss Nepal’.

This year’s performances were notable for their relatable and strong subject matters like women empowerment, domestic violence, drug abuse, etc. There was even a dance which was performed for providing a tribute to the Nepalese movie industry. Likewise, one of the dance skits expressed the plight of Nepalese citizens who had been the victim of the devastating earthquake of Nepal which occurred in 2015.

25 beautiful contestants have been competing for the title of ‘Miss Nepal World 2019’, the finale of which will be held on May 9th, 2019.