Call to adjust petrol products’ price immediately

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Call to adjust petrol products' price immediately

Kathmandu,17 Dec 2014: A joint meeting of various students unions today demanded the government immediately adjust the prices of petroleum products as per its prices in international market.

A meeting of 13 students’ unions held at the office of All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) called on the government and Nepal Oil Corporation to adjust the prices of kerosene, petrol and cooking gas and cut down the public transport fare, bearing in mind a significant fall in the prices of petroleum product in global market.

Similarly, the meeting agreed to take the ownership of ‘Mechi Mahakali Awakening Campaign’

Launched by the ANNFSU for the timely drafting of a new constitution.

The meeting decided to run the public street discussions with the presence of representatives of professional organisations and of general public and students unions on coming December 28 with a view to mounting pressure on the political parties to draft the constitution within the scheduled timeframe.

Nepal Students Union (NSU), All Nepal National Independent Students Union (Revolutionary) and Madhesi students unions were among those present in the meeting.

Sharing information about the meeting decisions, NSU Spokesperson UP Lamichhane and ANNFSU Spokesperson RP Lamichhane called on the government and NOC to immediately slash the prices of petroleum products.

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