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Call For Application For Glocal Teen Hero 2015 : In Search For Fantastic Teen


Kathmandu, 28 July, 2015: If you are a teenager and have involved or initiated or accomplished something beyond your school/college curriculum in any field, then apply to be a Glocal Teen Hero 2015 and let your story inspire other teenagers like you.

Glocal teen hero logoIn strategic alliance with Ministry of Youth and Sports, Glocal Teen Hero 2015 is an event organized by Glocal Khabar. It is a designed platform for teenagers (aged 13-19) where their achievements outside of their school’s respective curriculum will be showcased.

Since most of the programs that has been initiated before have always mostly been focused on the “youth” who is usually the students enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate or even higher level of studies, Glocal Khabar, an online English news portal, has taken this opportunity to provide them the stage for their recognition.

Selection Process
For this competition, six amazing teens (ages 13-19) will be selected for their achievements, initiations or contributions in any other field outside of their school’s or college’s curriculum. Their selections would be based on their applications with their résumé, the evidence and an essay on their accomplishment followed by an interview from the panel of judges. The deadline for applications is 25th of August, 2015 (www.teenhero.glocalkhabar.com). Among the six finalists, the fantastic 1 will be titled as “Glocal Teen Hero 2015”.

This event is Co-Sponsored by Honda with Mega Bank as the Bank Partner and Himalayan TV as the Live Broadcast Partner.

The panels of judges for Glocal Teen Hero 2015 are:

AKS (1)
Mr. Anil Keshary Shah, Chief Executive Officer of Mega Bank
HGT (1)
Hon. Gagan Thapa, Constituent Assembly Member
NA (1)
Mr. Narottam Aryal, Executive Director of King’s College
SR (1)
Ms. Sambriddhi Rai, Bureau Chief of M&S
SJ (1)
Mr. Saurabh Jyoti, Director of Jyoti Group

The event will be conducted on September 1st, 2015, at Annapurna Hotel. The program will be live telecasted by Himalayan TV.

The sole purpose to organize this program is to motivate more of the other teenagers in our country to develop an entrepreneurial thinking for the betterment of our nation.

Eligibility Criteria for Glocal Teen Hero 2015:
– Should be aged between 13-19 years
– Should be a Nepali Citizen
– Accomplished outstanding award or initiated in any field (music, arts, dance, martial arts, photography, leadership, volunteering, entrepreneurship, science and technology, etc)
– Initiated or innovated own ideas into action
– Achieved, initiated, contributed in any field outside of school/college curriculum
– Has made difference in the community locally, nationally or internationally
*You can nominate eligible candidate by providing us name, phone number and email address of the respective person.

To apply : http://teenhero.glocalkhabar.com/apply/
To nominate: http://teenhero.glocalkhabar.com/nominations/

For more information about application, event, sponsor and to volunteer for the program ,
contact: Alina Prajapati- 9808675895 Or via email: glocalkhabar@gmail.com
Or visit: www.teenhero.glocalkhabar.com


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