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Call for Application: South Asia Connect (SAC) programme

South Asia Connect programme- Glocal Khabar

Kathmandu, February 23, 2018: In order to bring out innovative and technological entrepreneurial ideas in South Asia, The South Asia Connect (SAC) programme is set to choose 40 entrepreneurs of five different countries of South Asia. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of State and operated by The University of Texas at Austin.

SAC’s main motive is to pillar implementable start-up concepts in five countries- Nepal, India, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Out of the 40 entrepreneurs, eight from each country will receive a week’s training at Nexus Startup Hub at the American Centre in New Delhi to be held in April.

Andie De Arment, director of the American Center and spokesperson for the American Embassy in Nepal mentioned the events like South Asia Connect help fortify the regional connectivity between the South Asian countries through e-commerce, investment, and entrepreneurship.

After the completion of the training, entrepreneurs will bag an opportunity to mark their presence at a one-week session at the American Centre in New Delhi with travel funding support. From May to July, the first group of 20 entrepreneurs will receive training and the remaining 20 will receive training September through November.

Ten out of the 40 entrepreneurs, two from each country, will be chosen as entrepreneurial leaders for an eight-week immersive training and intensive mentorship. They will be facilitated with three one-week visits with travel funding at the Nexus Startup Hub at the American Centre in New Delhi for networking and resources planning.

According to Cliff Zintgraff, co-principal investigator and program manager of the IC2 Institute, the programme will help entrepreneurs and leaders to focus on selection of market segments and product features and let them understand what the market really wants

Having a timeline of selecting leaders and entrepreneurs from January through April, the program will first have its leader network meeting in New Delhi. The IC2 Institute will provide the entrepreneurs with certificates and necessary funding to help them initiate their start-up concepts.

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