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Call For Google Internship: Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2019


Kathmandu, January 21, 2019: Google Internship Program is opened for the  Software Engineering Intern, Ph.D., Summer 2019 for all regions. The deadline for the application is February 8, 2019. The applicant should currently be pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or in a related technical field and should have programming experience in one or more of the following: C/C++, Java or Python.

The candidate should furthermore return to a degree program after the completion of the internship and have experience of the research in the areas of Algorithms, Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Compilers, Database, Data Mining, Distributed Systems, Machine Learning, Networking and/or Systems. Similarly, he/she should have demonstrated background in computer science, with competencies in data structures, algorithms and software design and should have the skills of implementation with one or more general purpose programming languages, including but not limited to: Java, C/C++, C#, Objective C, Python, JavaScript and/or Go.

The internship program will be held for 12-14 weeks which gives you an opportunity to work on complex computer science solutions, to develop scalable, distributed software systems, and also to collaborate on multitudes of smaller projects that have universal appeal. The applicant should be keen on research, awareness, interactivity, and should have the ability to ask the right questions.

For More Information Visit:  https://careers.google.com/jobs/results/5702775423696896-software-engineering-intern-phd-summer-2019/?_ga=2.134109710.1898401518.1539425983-1037115142.1539425983