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Cards And Food: The Beauty of Dashain


Dashain, this festival symbolizes various beautiful moments. It is about swing, the sky filled with kites, worship of goddess Durga, long relaxing holidays, family gatherings and all. But, I get excited because it’s the time I can gamble with my family, friends, and relatives playing cards and is considered ok. I am not a perfect player, but the festive vibe I get while playing cards is out of ordinary. I enjoy winning the game and collecting that money. And again losing the money that I win making it even. The ace and the King of cards help me to win mostly. That is the beauty of this festival. I believe playing cards is like handling your life. If you play right moves, you win the game. That’s how I relate cards with the life’s learning. Even if I lose once, I get motivation to win in the next game. I am always positive either it is about card games or even life. But I have seen many people play cards like a disaster losing all they got. This is not the right thing to do. One can enjoy playing card in a limit without destroying themselves economically. So, we all need to celebrate Dashain happily collecting memories.

The next important part of Dashain is Food. As a part of the festival, it has great importance. Food is something that makes every people excited about Dashain. I am not talking about the normal food that we eat but about the variety of food cuisines cooked in the festival. There are many Dashain food cuisines and a variety of recipes. “Meat” is the Dashain food in Nepal. However, the mixture of complete Nepali Khana served with the mutton meat is special.

Meat is regular food for people in Nepal during Dashain, especially among the Brahmins and Kshatriyas. Most of the families especially in rural areas, get livestock like goat, hen, duck, sheep, etc. which is kept in the house for a few days to offer goddess during Dashain. And at the day of sacrifice, the livestock is sacrificed, and the meat is eaten as an offering from God. After the offering, there is ample of meat in everyone’s freezer to last the whole week of Dashain. Curry is the most famous one to have with rice and it is supposed to be a special dish for Dashain. I basically enjoy Mutton meat and Coke together. And playing cards while eating meat is something refreshing. I am a foodie person and I love eating meat. I learn various recipes for cooking food from my mother during my Dashain Holidays.

Not just the meat, but the Sel Roti, sweets, cooked also has importance in the festival. My Grandmother prepares Sel Roti and sends me, and it becomes my breakfast for so many days. This is so interesting because the whole festival symbolizes love, care, and virtue of goodness. Dashain is actually the festival of Victory over Evil. I love putting Tika and Jamara from my elders and being consecrated with their blessings is the best part of festival for me. And no doubt, Dashain is always my favorite festival.

Saru Pyakurel