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Certificate Distribution of World’s Largest Human Flag of Nepal


Kathmandu, 10 November, 2014: The distribution of long awaited certificate of the event “World’s Largest Human National Flag of Nepal with 35,907 participants” starts from November 11, 2014. Participants needs to visit HVPP’s office at Chahabhil to get certificate.

Those participants who have pre-registered should come with entrance slip to receive certificate and those who had not registered but particiated in the event will have to sign a paper stating the confirmation of their presence and have to pay Rs 100/- . Colleges and and schools who participated officially will receive their certificate at their own institution. Certificates can be collected by other representatives of the participants too.

For volunteer’s certificate, volunteer tag/pass is required and those who don’t have will be confirmed through database to receive certificate.

For sponsorship and official supporters certificate, HVPP will provide themselves.

The location of HVPP Office is opposite to Ambe Residence near Pashupati Multiple Campus Mitrapark, Chabahil, Kathmandu.

This is not the certificate provided by the Guinness. If Guinness approves record, then “Guinness” itself provides the certificate and in that case and will cost around $25 for each.

HVPP is about to send our evidence material to the Guinness World Record office very soon.

HVPP has come up with membership, another mega project, internship and lots of others programs and activities.



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