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Chances Of Reunion of Guns N’ Roses


Oct 16 2014:Will the future generation still get the chance to listen live to Sweet Child Of Mine, November Rain, Patience, and more of Guns N’ Roses hits?

Sadly, the answer is no as Lead Guitarist Slash is not open to the idea any longer.

The legendary guitar god had an interview with the Ottawa Citizen.

“I have a lot less distractions – a lot less, at least, unnecessary distractions – in the situation that I’m in now. What I intended to do from the get go was never really that complicated. But success and money and all that kind of stuff, it just makes life complicated.”

We can’t help but infer that he is probably referring to the controversial issues surrounding the Guns N’ Roses split.

But now he wants to focus on the music, because that’s why he’s here in the first place. The Ottawa Citizen explored his deeply seeded rock roots:

“He’s been called a rock and roll purist, perhaps a euphemism for an aging axeman’s place in a shifting music landscape. But Saul Hudson, a.k.a. Slash, grew up in this industry.

His mother was a costume designer who worked with John Lennon and others and who was involved with David Bowie for a time after separating from Slash’s father, according to the guitarist’s autobiography. His father, who loved music, would eventually design album cover art.

A young Slash got to see a side of the industry most kids never do.”

While most would always involve him with G n R, he has already moved on..way, way on. People will talk about it but that will not make it real. Slash is not a puppet of anyone at this point.

“Really the only people that obsess about Guns n’ Roses is media. I think it’s just lack of imagination. I’m an in-the-moment person. I don’t look too far in the future and I definitely don’t draw on past stuff. Whatever it is that you’re doing right this second, just do that and do the best you can at it. And just keep pushing forward, always forward.”

But ‘in the moment’ people are usually dynamic. Slash can sing a new tune in a different moment, especially since some of their former members have warmed up to their prodigal lead singer. Duff McKagan agreed to some guest appearances with Axl Rose, who headlines (the corpse of) Guns N’ Roses.

Someday, Slash could leave this refusal behind, and face Axl Rose again. But don’t hold your breath waiting.

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