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Chhath festival concludes


Janakpurdham, 30 Oct 2014: The devotees concluded the Chhath festival offering prayers to the shining sun here on Thursday.

The tradition is that revelers conclude celebration of the festival by offering worships to the setting sun and shining sun during the four-day celebration of Chhath.

The devotees here had offered various types of delicacies prepared at their homes to the sun, source of the energy, at the banks of Gangasagar, Dhanushsagar, Ramsagar, Ratnasagar, Biharkunda, Rukminisir and Agnikunda, among other river banks.

The devotees believe that with prayers offered to the sun the cancerous diseases are cured and happiness stemming from wealth and off-springs is increased.

There are religious values along with scientific and astrological convictions in marking the Chhath festival. The scientists, astrologers and medical doctors have explored the truth that the sun elements help increase knowledge thereby contributing to the human welfare.

It is believed that the devotees get their cherished wishes fulfilled by offering worship to the sun considering it a perennial source of energy and life.

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