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China Helps In Evacuation of 279 Foreigners From Yemen


BEIJING, April 8, 2015: China has helped in evacuation of altogether 279 foreigners, excluding 629 Chinese nationals, from Yemen.

According to the Chinese embassy in Yemen, China launched the massive evacuation mission on March 29 which ended on Tuesday.

The Chinese naval vessel Weishanhu imported 9 Chinese nationals and 1 Japanese citizen at Oman’s Salalah port on Tuesday, calling the end of the mission.

Another Chinese naval vessel, Linyi imported 83 Chinese at the Port of Djibouti. 45 Sri Lankans were also on board at the request of Sri Lankan government.

At the request of 10 countries, the Chinese government evacuated 225 foreign citizens, including 176 Pakistanis, 29 Ethiopians, 5 Singaporeans, 4 Poles, 3 Italians, 3 Germans, 2 Britons, 1 Canadian, 1 Irish and 1 Yemeni on April 2.

Chinese warships also helped in retreating 8 nationals of Romania, India and Egypt while evacuating Chinese citizens at the end of last month.


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