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Civil servants learning language, table etiquette and driving


Kathmandu, June 5, 2016: Ministry of Law and Justice has started training some of its officers to hold conversation in English, learn legal language, become skilled at table etiquette and drive cars.

Joint Secretary at Law Ministry Phanindra Gautam said that different trainings for officers have been started under staff capacity development programme.

“Unfortunately many of our colleagues do not even know how to hold spoon properly while eating,” one officer said. “They have disgraced us by eating in uncouth manner at different functions.”

The ministry has been coordinating with Tourism Training Centre at Ravi Bhawan, Kathmandu for training in table manners.

Many officers do not have knowledge about legal language and terms and make several mistakes while preparing a simple document. That is why legal language training is being conducted.

Additional facilities are made available for those trying to learn English. For this, the ministry has coordinated with British Council and American Language Center.

“Our colleague’s vocabulary is limited to “Ok” and “Thank you”, let alone writing good English,” one officer in the ministry said. “They have brought ignominy to the country during foreign tours. They can’t even make proper deals with foreigners. That is why the training is essential.”

Officers have also been provided with the facility of learning how to drive a car. Driving course has been initiated to enhance officers’ mobility and not depend on drivers all the time.

The ministry will bear training expenses.