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Denim experts advice unwashed denims to last long


June 4, 2015: The next time you feel hectic washing your jeans, you might want to know what the ‘jeans experts’ have to say – keep them out of the washing machine for at least six-seven months!

denim1 Twinkle Khanna recently spoke about the time she found a pair of jeans in New  York that she would end up wearing for 20 years. She also spoke about the time  she was 17 and wore her favourite pair of jeans to college every day, and washed  it as little as possible.

 Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans they will happily live in for the rest of their lives?  More importantly, who hasn’t got into an argument with their mother for not  wanting to wash that pair of jeans even after wearing it six, seven, eight times in a  row?

Here the industry expert says unwashed denim should remain so for at least seven months.

At the Amsterdam Denim Days, a celebration of all things denim held in Amsterdam last month, how-often-do-you-wash-your-jeans was a topic of much-heated, but ultimately inconclusive, discussion. For a city that calls itself the denim capital of the world, Amsterdam has many designers working exclusively with unwashed denim, and some of them, like Lennaert Nijgh, insist on not washing a pair of jeans for at least six-seven months.

According to designer Lennaert Nijgh, “When you wear your pair of jeans for a long period of time without washing it, it starts to reflect your lifestyle. That’s the point of unwashed denim. You make it into your own, however you like it. When you wash raw denim and it goes all soft, that’s the fibres breaking down.” On the other hand, Koen Tossijn, another Dutch designer who makes made-to-measure jeans, mostly for men, said that he wasn’t anal about washing jeans.

But what to do when it gets dirty?
Just because you should avoid washing your jeans too much doesn’t mean they won’t get dirty – especially if you’re a klutz or if your job requires you to stay out a lot. So what do you do when you spill coffee on your jeans that was only washed last week? Nijgh thinks you should put your pair of jeans in the bathroom with the hot water on or put it in the freezer to kill the germs and the smell. But if you spill something on it, “Please just wash it.”

Ankita Mehta, 26, says, “You can often find me rubbing cheap bathroom soap on my pair of jeans in parties because I spill things on my clothes a lot, but I don’t like to wash my jeans.”

Kirti Singh, 22, says, “I read somewhere that putting jeans in the freezer helps kill germs, so sometimes when I feel like my jeans are smelling a little, I put it in a plastic bag and freeze them for a while. That helps. But if I feel the need to do that twice a week, I just wash it.”

Tavishi Mathur, 26, says, “Even though I don’t wash my jeans too often, I wash parts of them frequently. For instance, if I drop some food on them or they have a stain somewhere, I will put some detergent on that tiny part and wash it. I know that you shouldn’t wash your jeans too often but I don’t think you should walk around with food on them either.”


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