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Dr.Sudip Khadka and team identify the medicine against Ebola Virus


Kathmandu, January 17, 2018: Dr.Sudip Khadka has achieved one of the most miraculous achievements for the strata of medicine. As per the journal published in ‘Antiviral Research’, Sudip and the team of eleven scientists have discovered the medicine for world’s most alarming disease- Ebola Virus.

Originally from Baglung, Dr.Khadka mentioned that the continuous effort of three-year experiments with two hundred thousand medicines has led to the success. Through the discovery of 56 probable medicines against Ebola virus, Dr.Khadka mentioned that benzoquinoline compounds are the inhibitors of Ebola.

“In comparison with other viruses, it took us a very grueling task to discover the medicine for Ebola virus. With these efforts, our team has come to this successful upshot. The medicine has proven to be effective against another dreadful Zika Virus.”, mentioned Sudip.

The introduction of this medicine has led to an affirmative step in the medical sector. Similarly, further analysis has been carried out to understand the uses of the medicine, the quantity in which it should be used and the probable side effects before the official release. According to Pradip, this analysis will require a couple of years to let the exoteric use of the medicine.

In the recent years, the rampant dispel of Ebola virus has led to many deaths. Many international airports inspect their nationals and tourists with infrared camera to secure their country against Ebola virus. Similarly, meager countries provide limited laboratories to study this virus. Dr.Khadka indicated that a very secure ‘Bio-Safety Level-4’ lab is required to further instigate the analysis.

Gold medalist in Cell and Molecular Biology, Dr.Khadka is the son of late Hari Bahadur Khadka, the ex-member of the Parliament and Minister Champadevi Khadka. His team who had been bestowed upon with the Wisland Fellowship Award had previously been researching on the harmful effects of Dengue and Hepatitis C in the human body.