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Why drop the ‘i’?


Everyone goes crazy when Apple release any new device during their annual September Keynote. May it be a fan or a hater, someone who can afford it or someone who can’t; Apple always seems to shake the tech world with its new, innovative and also not so innovative products.

This year’s releases iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus were the attraction of the Keynote but as a person closely following Apple, the most interesting thing were Apple Watch and Apple Pay, a smart watch and an online payment system from Apple. But it wasn’t just the product that caught my attention but the idea that why it’s not called the iWatch and iPay.

The ‘i’ tag has stood with Apple for almost 2 decades since its revival in the late 90s with the release of iMac. The only time Apple has not used the ‘i’ was after it lost the lawsuit for naming its TV box, iTV, losing the patent to ITV broadcasting and naming it Apple TV. Is the Apple Watch and Apple Pay just renamed to avoid a lawsuit? Only the people at Apple know.

Another reason of dropping the ‘i’ may be the re branding of the products to Apple. iPhone, iPod and iPad has reached many versions now and its time they may need to re brand and call it something like Apple Phone or whatever crazy name Apple has got for them. Losing the ‘i’ tag from their new products might be a strategy to re brand their old products but without having anything official, the only thing we can do is speculate.

Is it just avoiding a lawsuit or re branding of Apple in a post Steve Jobs era? It is in “Wait and Watch” State.

About Author: Sukrit Pant, is a student of Business Management, a tech enthusiast and a web designer. An optimist who believes in hard work and a travel and adventure lover, he likes to go to different places and tries new food and believe everything will be fine at the end of the day.

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