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Edushala’s First Anniversary


1912547_763028480444564_311120529404867884_oDec 6, 2014: Edushala celebrated its first anniversary on December 5, Friday. Edushala is a platform to explore, broaden and deepen educational passions and skills.

Their mission is to provide students with skills that are useful, fun, and transferable in the real world by linking them with incredible teachers who focus on doing, not memorizing.

Edushala successfully conducted 47 courses in partnership with 19 organizations and 63 network instructors educating more than 2500 students in a year.

Jorge Esteban, Managing Director of Edushala says, “We have been shocked by the results which we didn’t expect in this short span of time. We are very excited for the next year looking back at the last year. We have lots of big projects ahead of us and will be working on it.”

“Working at Edushala was more of learning than working. Everything was going slow before but recalling all the outcomes anf results I never thought we will reach here so fast.”said Abhishek Maskey, Marketing and Public Relation Director of Edushala.

He added, “As the first year was more of a learning and now with all those experiences, we will work on speed and learning more in the days to come.”

In a year, Edushala had 183 % return on capital.



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