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EmpowHER Kickboxing and Tree of Life for the Changemakers


Kathmandu, August 23, 2018: The 13th session of EmpowHER 2018 was held on 18th Aug, Saturday. The session started with 3 minutes pitching and 1 minutes feedback from Watsal Rajbhandari, co-founder of DOCHAA.

This was followed by a session on ‘Tree of Life,’ Tara Bohara, Program Associate at Ujyalo Foundation. In the session we reflected on our roots and the journey we all went through at EmpowHER. We reflected us back to see the stages of life and the task made us think of our actions and how we actually reached to EmpowHER. Two of the changemakers, Soni Maharjan and Sumi Limbu received their prizes as changemakers of the week.

All of us then went to Rage Fitness at Naxal for a session on Cardio Kickboxing. The session was conducted by the instructor, Cyrus Gurung. Kickboxing proved to be a really fun group activity and each one of us had a blast throwing friendly kicks and punches here and there. The session was also a bonding session for each of us cohort members and was conducted from the collection we had received from the opportunity optimization session.

By: Monika Kunwar and Taniya Subba

Monika Kunwar and Taniya Subba changemakers of EmpowHER 2018.