Home Entertainment For the first time in Nepal, Model ‘US Presidential Debate’ happening tomorrow

For the first time in Nepal, Model ‘US Presidential Debate’ happening tomorrow


The session will provide a platform for aspiring Vice-Presidents to present their views, plans and policies among their voters

Kathmandu, March 14, 2017: The maiden edition of Vice-presidential Debate is being organized in the capital on Wednesday, March 15th.

Two candidates: Leo Rojan Manandhar and Leo Bishal Rijal will be participating in the debate, a replica of US presidential debate.

“We were planning to do a new and creative thing for this year convention. While we studied different political system of the world, we found that US President Debate model will me more suitable for this election as the candidates can present their views in three segments in front of the audience about their plan and policies, but audience are not allowed to ask question to the candidates as this could make programme biased,” shared Prakash Thapa, President of the club. “In this debate, the candidates have to convince their voters by their presentation. This system is suitable in our case because, under this model the same question will be asked to both of candidates, and equal time will be given to them,” he added.

“Through the debate session, we aspire to establish a system where leaders have to convince their voters by presenting their views, plans, and polices so that they will be leaders with their dream not by their words,” Thapa shared.

The programme will be held at Herald College, Maharajgunj, and is slated to commence at 4:30 in the afternoon.