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New metropolitan and sub-metropolitan cities inauguratred

Kathmandu, March 14, 2017: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal today inaugurated 744 new local levels across the country amid a programme organised at the Lalitpur Metropolitan City.

According to the new structure, there are now four metropolitan cities, 13 sub-metropolitan cities, 246 municipalities and 481 village councils (Gaunpalikas). All the local levels are to start their services from today itself.

Speaking in the inaugural programme, PM Dahal said the inauguration has marked the new era of local level governance.

PM Dahal said, “Now the people can get easier access to the services that were earlier conducted from the capital or from the district, zonal, regional headquarters.”

He also thanked all for their contributions in bringing about the change and has urged the officials to cater the citizens.

He also informed that the government is focused on conducting the upcoming local level elections.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Kamal Thapa was also present in the programme.

A Cabinet meeting on Friday had announced the new local level structure in line with the 2015 Constitution.

Old structures of the local bodies–VDCs and municipalities–were officially dissolved with the publishing of the new local level set-up in the Nepal Gazette.

Photographs: Kamal Thapa/Twitter