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Government of Nepal to make new Federal Education Act

Government of Nepal- Glocal Khabar

Kathmandu, March 3, 2018: Government of Nepal is planning to pass two different education laws for the implementation of the constitution. A separate law is going to be made for an education according to the federal law of Nepal and the education up to secondary level will be free of cost.

The government had expressed commitment to bringing a new education act while passing the 9th amendment to the existing education act last year. The replacement of the education act of 2028 B.S. will take place after these two laws will be amended.

Dr. Hari Lamsal, speaker of the Education Ministry mentioned that a proposal for the law that includes the new federal education act and provision for the free of cost secondary level education has been handed over to the Nepal Law Commission. The bill is set to be sent to the House of Representatives.

There have been several complaints in the supreme court demanding free education.  Several community schools of the country demand fees and donations from parents which are against the provision of the constitution. The Ministry of Education has clarified that the insufficient budget impedes the process to make secondary level education free.