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Government set to launch programme to develop healthy lifestyle among students


Kathmandu: The government has introduced the ‘School Health and Nursing Service Programme’ to help school children for developing their healthy lifestyle, good health and hygiene habits. The school health and nursing service programme will be applicable only in community schools.

The procedure adopted by the Ministry of Health and Population was developed following the existing Health Services Act and the National Health Policy. It aims to improve their health status by increasing access to health and nutrition services at the school level to create a healthier, cleaner and educational-friendly environment.

According to the procedure, Nursing and Social Security Division in the Health Services Department will select the local level to implement the program. The division selected local level and schools will enter into a trilateral agreement on the programme. After the agreement, the division provides the local level with Rs 50,000 for procurement of drugs and other medical supplies and expenses exceeding Rs 50,000 shall be borne by the concerned local level.

As per procedure, it requires the school nurse to provide a progress report to the school administration, local level and division every seven months. The school health coordination committee will carry out monitoring and evaluation of activities of the nurse.

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration stated that one sub-metropolitan city, four municipalities and two rural municipalities are set to start the programme in the schools in the current fiscal.

Source: THT