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Government’s plan to bear upto Rs 1 lakh for patients with chronic diseases


Kathmandu, Oct 17:  Minister for Health and Polulation Khagraj Adhikari said that the government is soon to introduce a new health policy, according to which the government would bear up to Rs one lakh as treatment cost for a chronic disease patient.

Apprising of the new policy in the second international cancer conference organised by Cancer Care Nepal here today, Minister Adhikari further informed that the policy, which is being re-introduced after a hiatus of 22 years will also incorporate life insurance.

The government is also going to announce 305 vacancies for doctors in view with availing quality health service to the citizen across the country.

At the programme, Chairperson of Nepal Medical Association Dr Anjani Kumar Jha urged the government to allocate adequate budget so as to conduct cancer-related awareness programmes.

According to latest data, there are around 50,000 cancer patients in Nepal with a majority of them suffering from lungs, breasts, stomach and blood cancer.Every year some 40,000 people succumb to cancer in the world.

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