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UN Women selects Dr. Runa Jha as one among top five women on the front-line response to COVID-19


Kathmandu: Dr. Runa Jha is the Chief Pathologist and Director of Kathmandu-based National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) in Nepal.UN Women has included Dr.Runa Jha in “Five women on the front lines of COVID response” from all over the world.

National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL) is only one laboratory in the country authorized to perform the COVID-19 testing.

According to the UN Women, “Dr Jha and along with her 67 team members is testing roughly 70 samples a day, which arrive at irregular intervals and make for around-the-clock work.”

With a title of ‘Leading coronavirus testing efforts in Nepal’, UN Women has also included a brief description on her introduction and duties she has been carrying out.

Dr Jha said – “My team did not hesitate to volunteer to take samples. Some of my team members are as young as 21 and some have babies at home, but all of them were ready. We worked the whole night and produced 175 reports the following day”. She added that she does her best to support the workers and boost their morale.

Along with Dr Jha, the organisation has also included other women, Amal Al Mahayrah and Hadeel Dabaibeh of Jordan, Yan Shenglian of China, Dina Smailova of Kazakhstan and Ryancia Henry of Antigua and Barbuda for their exemplary work during the times of crisis.

Source: Republica