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Hackers Cause Cyber Cracks To Fasten 23%


San Fransisco, April 15, 2015: Criminal teams of hackers got smarter, faster and more omnipresent last year, pulling off 312 major breaches against companies. That’s up 23% from the year before, as per the Symantec’s 2014 Internet threat report.

Health care companies were a major focus of hackers, with 37% of cracks in that sector, compared with 11% in retail and 10% in education.

Symantec told that’s down from 66% in 2013. However,  the figures are still huge. An estimated 28 billion spam emails were sent per day in 2014, down from 29 billion a day in 2013.

Symantec also saw an increase in the organization and reach of hacking groups, which are moving faster than security staff trying to defend companies. For example, in April 2014, a major Internet security bug called Heartbleed was made public.

Today, hacking is now just another type of international business enterprise.

“Ten to 15 years prior, these were specially appointed systems of people propelled by inner self. Presently its totally monetary profit,” said Lillian Ablon, a digital security scientist with the RAND Corp. in Santa Monica, Calif.

Global computerized cheats have constructed a whole criminal foundation on display with little trepidation of indictment, said Haley.

“We’ve discovered Google directs on where to purchase the best stolen Visas and YouTube controls on where to purchase the best endeavors,” Ablon said, utilizing the programmer term for a product device that exploits a blemish in a PC framework.


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