Home Business Heritage Site of Basantapur Earned Rs 1.3m Yesterday

Heritage Site of Basantapur Earned Rs 1.3m Yesterday


Kathmandu, October 26, 2018: The world heritage site Basantapur Durbar Square of Kathmandu Metropolitan City collected Rs 1.3 million from tourists as entrance fee yesterday.

Udaya Bahadur Pasakhala, Chief of Hanumandhoka Durbar Protection Programme mentioned that yesterday was the highest number of tourists to visit the historic square this year. Hanuman Dhoka of Kathmandu Metropolitan City is one of the historic monuments enlisted as the UNESCO World Heritage site.

After the earthquakes in 2015, the number of tourists visiting the square has grown especially from China, Germany and France. The entry fee for the tourist from SAARC countries is Rs 150 and for other tourists is Rs. 1,000. According to Pasakhala, the aim of the collection per day from the entry fee is Rs 1.5 million

Gaddi Baithak which was damaged by the 2015 earthquake has been rebuilt and post-earthquake reconstruction efforts in the site are gaining momentum. The restoration of the Nautale durbar and Kasthamandap are already underway.