Home Business A Hotel Providing Free Irrigation Service To Farmers In Kanchanpur

A Hotel Providing Free Irrigation Service To Farmers In Kanchanpur

DEO, Morang, picketed
DEO, Morang, picketed

Belauri (Kanchanpur), Dec 7,2014: Normally, food and accommodation is what a hotel provides to its customers. But a hotel in Krishnapur is also providing free irrigation facilities to the local farmers.

The Hotel Eat N Park established six months ago at Bani in Krishnapur-2 has been providing irrigation service to the local farmers, according to its proprietor Surendra Bahadur Bam.

The hotel has carried out a 350 feet deep boring and thus has a 24-hour supply of water. The arrangement was completed at the total cost of Rs. 450,000, according to Bam.

“We do not need much water in the hotel as we receive it round-the-clock, so instead of letting it go waste we are providing it to the farmers for free”, he said.

The water from the hotel is now being used to irrigate more than 150 bigaha of land owned by some 100 households.

The farmers who had so far been depending on rain water for irrigation are elated at the service that they will be able to enjoy round-the-year.

After the water from the hotel was certified as free of arsenic, locals in the area are also using it for drinking.



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