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“I was planning to marry after winning SAFF Cup 2015 but..” Bharat Khawas


As the SAFF Suzuki Cup 2015 is approaching nearer, we bring you an exciting interview with Star Striker of Nepal, Bharat Khawas taken by Glocalsport Journalist Anish Lamichhane.
Bharat Khawas will miss this year’s SAFF Championship due to injury and he expressed his sadness and his views with Anish Lamichhane.


The text interview is as follows:

1. Though you are injured, you spent some little time with new coach, how did you find him?
-> His training style is quite good. However, his real ability only depends on the success. So, we can’t judge him now.

2. Is there anything new in this year’s team?
-> Absolutely yes, there are lots of new and young players in the team. They are very much talented but all they lack is experience.

3. In your personal opinion, do you think Nepal can win SAFF Championship?
-> Yes, why not. But we can’t say it 100%. The players need to work hard. As Pakistan pull off its participation from SAFF Cup, it is easier for Nepal to reach Semi final. Similarly, the players are not under any pressure.

4. Nepali team is without its Skipper at present, who do you think is suitable player to be the Captain?
-> I think it will be Anil Gurung. In Nepali football, there is trend of leading team by a senior person and Anil Gurung is senior one.

5. You will miss this year’s SAFF Cup due to injury, How are you feeling?
-> I am very very sad. I was planning to marry after winning this year’s SAFF Championship but unfortunately I won’t be able to play this time. Similarly I am still missing my entire teammates and training.

6. What is your message and final saying?
-> We are capable to win this SAFF Championship. Work hard and wish you all the best to our “Bir Gorkhali”. We should all support our team and motivate them and we will surely win the much awaited SAFF Championship.


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