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Indian PM Modi To Arrive At Jaleshwor From Naubahi Village In India


Gaushala, Nov 7,2014: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to enter Janakpur through land route from India’s Sursanda and Naubahi village to participate in the 18th South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Summit to be held in Kathmandu.

Indian PM Modi is most likely to enter Nepal through Mahottari district’s neigbhouring Indian village of Naubahi and travel to the district headquarters at Jaleshwor and then to the city of Janakpur before heading to Kathmandu.

The security officials are searching for a secured spot for a helipad in Sursanda and Bhithamod of Sitamadhi district of the Indian state of Bihar.

PM Modi will arrive at the border area of Bihar from Patna on a helicopter and use motor to travel through Mahottari’s Jaleswhor and Janakpur.

During PM Modi’s arrival at the Indian side of the border, three helicopters of the same colour will be used, and are expected to land simultaneously. The possibility of the Indian PM using motor from India’s Bhithamod to Janakpur’s Janaki Temple has increased, according to a source.

The work of filling up potholes in the 18 kms road stretch and making the surface smooth has already begun.

Road Division Office Janakpur Chief Dinesh Amatya said the works of maintanance and upgradation of the road started after Ministry of Physical Planning allocated the budget in view of the Indan PM’s visit.

PM Modi will arrive in Janakpur on 25 November from road and travel to Kathmandu on a helicopter to attend the 18th SAARC Summit taking place from 26-27 November.



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