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Here Is Inspiring Story Of Jitender Chhatar – A Haryana Farmer Who Married A Gang-Rape Survivor


Jitender Chhatar, a 30-year-old farmer from Haryana’s Jind district has done something most of us don’t have guts to do. Jitender has not only married a gang rape victim but is also assisting her in her legal battle against the alleged accused. We seldom get to hear such inspiration stories, people like Jitender should be recognised because people like him are the harbinger of change in the point of view society towards the rape victims.

Jitender proved that no doubt rape is a wound that mightn’t get healed through the life, but people like him are out there who don’t see perceive rape victim as untouchables and can hold their hand for life long. Jitender had married the girl in December 2015 and has been living happily ever since. The girl’s parents had approached Jitender’s family for marriage and they readily agreed.

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Jitender also got her enrolled in the study of law.  In July last year he was quoted, “She can join the judicial services or as a lawyer can help other rape survivors. We have already started a platform called, Youth Against Rapes.”

The survivor was raped by Neeraj, an owner of a coaching centre along with four other people including a woman. They have been repeatedly blackmailing her and have also registered false cases against Jitender and demanding money.

His wife said other rape survivors were not as fortunate and face many hardships besides the trauma of being violated. “Since the day we got engaged, except for discussion with a lawyer or in court we don’t talk about my case much. I and my family owe a lot to Jitender as part from fighting off the taboo, he is also facing the ire of the accused who try to frame him in false cases,” she said.

Jitender has also approached Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar’s intervention in the case. Jitender is certainly an exception who can inspire men who can help hundreds of rape survivors otherwise considered taboo in our society.

By Maninder Dabas