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Are you interested to work for and with Adolescents and Youth in Nepal? Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of Yuwalaya

Yuwalaya, a youth-led organization, has called for general membership applications from interested Nepali youths.

Yuwalaya was established in August 2013 by child club graduates to create a platform for adolescents, youths and especially child club’s graduates aiming to encourage them to collaborate together with Yuwalaya to achieve its goal & objective.

Being a youth led NGO, Yuwalaya works to bridge the organizations working on child rights issues with youth organizations and guide child club graduates and rekindle their interest towards new and emerging issues of the youths. The organization envisions to inspire Nepali adolescents and youths to become valued partners in development contributing to equitable, harmonious and just Nepali society.

Earlier this year, Yuwalaya together with as many as a dozen youth organizations had initiated and coordinated the #YOUthVoteNepal, an awareness and youth involvement campaign focused on the local election. The campaign greatly helped to promote youth participation in the election through the massive use of social media along with various other youth-centered activities including street drama performance, Poem Marathon and interaction programs among others.

“The new general members will be engaged in the activities of Yuwalaya under the 5 different themes where they will be allowed to choose the theme and attend or create activities. They can also lead themselves where Yuwalaya will provide them a platform to nourish them,” shared Sanjog Thakuri, President of Yuwalaya.

“We are implementing various projects in rural communities of Nepal. So, the members will have an opportunity to visit and help them also learn from there. They will also get to represent the organization in various field and platforms, both nationally and internationally depending on their eligibility, interest and performance,” added Thakuri about the opportunities and benefits for new members.

Active Nepali youths (16-40 years) with a mission to contribute in skills development, empowerment and participation of youths and adolescents being associated with Yuwalaya can apply for the membership.

Application Deadline: August 12, 2017 (Shrawan 28, 2074)

To apply, fill up the online form here.

The above photograph shows Executive Members of Yuwalaya.

Courtesy: Yuwalaya