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Interview with 2015 CIMA GBC Winners from Nepal


May 30, 2015: The CIMA Global Business Challenge is an international business competition for undergraduates around the world, designed to bring out the best in the young business leaders of tomorrow.

By working together as a team of four to present a business case study, it was a great opportunity for participants to showcase their talent in business management, and learn how to become the business leaders of the future.

The winning team from British college will now represent Nepal in the 2015 CIMA Global Business Challenge Global Finals in Warsaw, Poland to be held from August 3 to 7. The team, comprised of Kalpana Pant (team leader), Angel Sharma, Priyanka Puri and Safalta Shrestha, will soon be flying to Poland where they will be competing with 25 other international teams. The team also won Rs. 50,000.

Talking to Glocal Khabar, here is what the winner have to say.

TBC to represent Nepal at the 2015 CIMA GBC Finals in PolandHow was your experience as a participant?

The three month period was one of the most exciting periods. This CIMA GBC was a great opportunity for the students like us to develop our abilities as leaders in a global business environment. We got a change not only to present our skills but also got a lot of opportunities to develop new ideas coupled with sheer determination and learnt to self assess ourselves.

How did you get to know about CIMA GBC?

As we also participated in the competition the previous year, it was not as tough because we carried us with the experience from last year.

Was there any different kind of practice you did to win this competition?

Let us not say that we did things radically different but we did put a lot of hard work and the team members cooperated with each other. It would have been extremely difficult without the full coordination of the team. The main aspect was to believe and trust ourselves that we’d win the competition..

DSC_6738-e1432719383462 How tough was the competition?

To be selected among 148 applicants and be on the top itself was tough. It was challenging to solve the business case study which was not in our practice. Moreover, we learned how to analyze and solve a real life business case study giving our firsthand experience using the skills required to be a business leader. Therefore this whole process of competition was challenging.  However, due to team coordination and our hard work, it became easy.

What are your preparation and plans for GBC finals in Poland?

The plans and preparation for our finals is to do better than before improving our earlier mistakes.  We are planning to get some idea and knowledge from the professionals and previous year participants. Moreover, we have planned to get tips, techniques and advice from global decision makers and CIMA professionals. We will give our best of the best performance.

What are your expectations?

The one and only determined expectation is to win the competition anyhow.

Do you think CIMA GBC is one big platform for business students? In what ways?

Yes, obviously this is the best platform to business students. This program is not only a competition but also a big platform to learn new things. Here you get more idea on presentation skills, real life business case study, report writing  This will be your opportunity to build up your career and have different networks from different field. Moreover,this will be a big platform to start a business from the public relations you maintain. Students will have the opportunity to explore a different side of their brain and see what we can learn about bringing that kind of creativity into the business environment.

DSC_6664What are your team’s strength and weakness?

Previously said hardworking and team coordination is our main strength. As we all are from different background, the ideas we generated is our strength also and also our weakness.

Your message to youths?

The message we want to flow to the youth like us is “Opportunity don’t come with you, you have to go forward to get it. Don’t lose hope, have a faith in yourself. Hardworking and trying lead you to success. In today’s generation of internet, youths must utilize in a correct and proper way to take full advantage and lastly don’t go for shortcut to get success.”

This team will now move on to represent Nepal at the 2015 CIMA Global Business Challenge Global Finals in Poland. The Doers from The British College team will compete with 25 other teams in the 2015 CIMA GBC Global Finals that will be held in Warsaw, Poland from 3-7 August.

By: Alysha Ghimire


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